April 13, 2010

Google Is Stalking Me, Parts 1 thru 4.


By Matt Dickman, DigiKnow, Inc.

Okay, I'm not a complete Google fanboy, but I do respect the company and what they do. I also happen to use a lot of their products. As news rolls in about the company's recent acquisitions (most notably YouTube and Doubleclick) I wanted to come up with a format to show you just how pervasive Google is becoming.


So come on. Take a trip with me this week through my average day with Google.



5:45am: Ugh. The day starts to my blaring clock radio. There is an ad running that Google has sold through ClearChannel.


6:15am: I get up, take a shower and go to the home office to check my Gmail account.


6:45am: Once the email is done I let the dogs outside and turn on the TV. There is a spot running placed by Google.


7:30am: I start up the car and hear another ad placed by Google.


7:45am: Driving to work I pass 5-10 ClearChannel billboards. Probably pretty likely Google will place ads on those as well.


8:00am: I roll into work and sit down. Having stopped at Starbucks on the way in I open the paper to see what's happening in Cleveland. Again, more ads placed by Google here too.


8:30am: I jump online, check Google News and my GMail acccount again.


9:00am: I surf my favorite blogs, most of them have Google AdWords placed on them even in the feeds. I am reading those feeds with Google Reader.


9:45am: I check my copy of AdAge and see a couple more ads placed by Google.


10:00am: Finally! I am free from...damn...it's another Google SMS alert on my phone. No peace.


10:10am: I check the top clips on YouTube (Google owned). Hey, that's HeeHaw 1.1.


10:30am: I continue writing a client brief in Google Docs (formerly Writely).


11:00am: Head to the kitchen and see a couple of ads running on TV through the Dish Network which Google placed.


12:00pm: I'm heading to lunch now, but I can't find that new trendy sandwich shop. I ask Goog411 and get the address and phone number.


1:15pm: I am back at the office now and my phone vibrates again. I have new Gmail. I check it and respond from my phone.


1:30pm: I am going to a meeting after work and I don't have the address yet. I turn to Google Maps and send the directions to my phone for easy access in the car.


2:30pm: Well after lunch, I take a break from work and veg out with an online racing game. Throughout the game are product placements and pre-rolls. Google places those too through AdScape. I wrecked and lost the game.


2:45pm: I check my RSS feeds again through Google Reader. I go through about 150 feeds and post the best to my blog roll (it's embedded on the left column of my blog).


3:00pm: I check on the stats for my blog over the past week using Google Analytics. Interesting to see where readers come from. Hello New Delhi!


3:15pm: Just in surfing the web I come across 2 or 3 major sites that run Google for searching site content. MySpace is one of those.


4:45pm: I see some display ads running on a couple of sites powered by DoubleClick's DART system. Google owns them now too. More on this development in a future post.


5:30pm: One last check of my Gmail and I wrap up a blog post and head home.


6:00pm: I get home, turn off the phone and sit on the couch with Copeland. Just then, the phone rings. Is that Google calling me? They certainly have my number.

Tomorrow: what it all means?


Matt Dickman is an interactive marketing strategist, speaker and technology evangelist working at DigiKnow, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. His blog, Techno//Marketer (http://technomarketer.typepad.com) explores the convergence of marketing and technology. He can be reached at mattdickman@gmail.com.

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