May 5, 2007 Agency Life/Death/Limbo: One Big Happy Family!

Google Is Stalking Me, Part 3


By Matt Dickman, DigiKnow, Inc.

Okay, as stated on Monday and Tuesday, while I'm not a complete Google fanboy, I do respect the company and what they do. I also happen to use a lot of their products. As news rolls in about the company's recent acquisitions (most notably YouTube and Doubleclick) I've been taking readers through my week to show you just how pervasive Google is becoming.

For those just checking in, here's the week's recap so far:

Monday link.
Tuesday link.




10:10am: I check the top clips on YouTube (Google owned). Hey, that's HeeHaw 1.1.


10:30am: I continue writing a client brief in Google Docs (formerly Writely).


11:00am: Head to the kitchen and see a couple of ads running on TV through the Dish Network which Google placed.


12:00pm: I'm heading to lunch now, but I can't find that new trendy sandwich shop. I ask Goog411 and get the address and phone number.


1:15pm: I am back at the office now and my phone vibrates again. I have new Gmail. I check it and respond from my phone.


1:30pm: I am going to a meeting after work and I don't have the address yet. I turn to Google Maps and send the directions to my phone for easy access in the car.

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Matt Dickman is an interactive marketing strategist, speaker and technology evangelist working at DigiKnow, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. His blog, Techno//Marketer ( explores the convergence of marketing and technology. He can be reached at

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