May 5, 2007 Agency Life/Death/Limbo: One Big Happy Family!

Google Is Stalking Me, Part 2


By Matt Dickman, DigiKnow, Inc.

As I stated yesterday, while I'm not a complete Google fanboy, I do respect the company and what they do. As news rolls in about the company's recent acquisitions (most notably YouTube and Doubleclick)
I wanted to come up with a format to show you just how pervasive Google is becoming.

We began bright and early yesterday morning. For those who slept through breakfast here's how it all began:

Monday link.




8:00am: I roll into work and sit down. Having stopped at Starbucks on the way in I open the paper to see what's happening in Cleveland. Again, more ads placed by Google here too.


8:30am: I jump online, check Google News and my GMail acccount again.


9:00am: I surf my favorite blogs, most of them have Google AdWords placed on them even in the feeds. I am reading those feeds with Google Reader.


9:45am: I check my copy of AdAge and see a couple more ads placed by Google.


10:00am: Finally! I am free's another Google SMS alert on my phone. No peace.

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Matt Dickman is an interactive marketing strategist, speaker and technology evangelist working at DigiKnow, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. His blog, Techno//Marketer ( explores the convergence of marketing and technology. He can be reached at

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