April 13, 2010

Jonathan Nelson's Organic


By Wendy McHale, Publisher

Organic compounds are made up of carbons plus a few other elements like hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. They're the keys to life, but you knew that already!

How much do you know about Organic.com and their grip on the keys to marketing in modern life? Are you aware of their unique ability to unlock the door to learn more about the personal passions, experiences and relationships consumers have with brands?

Consumers compounds are complex. It takes a unique ability to understand the "nature versus nurture" balance between the ever-growing list of conflicting choices consumers face today in satisfying their needs.

These days the pressures on performance often creates a need for more oxygen in the room, the office and the home for many of us personally, as we work to build and sustain a business. Our focus is almost always on ROI. But is that all it should be?

What about the personal side of technology?

Leading up to ad:tech, since all life begins with organic compounds it seemed natural to interview the Founder and Chairman of Organic.com, Jonathan Nelson and get his views on how technology affects his client's lives, their customers and him personally.


Journal: How is your business, through the use of new technologies and practices, improving the lives of consumers? If so, where? Is this something you regularly ask yourself, and if not, how come?

Jonathan: "The benefits of the Internet to consumers are pretty clear. It saves people money, time, and helps them become more informed consumers. Basically, it's like we're only three nanoseconds after the big bang; we're only just starting to realize the potential of the medium".


Journal: How much of what we do is driven by the desire to improve people's lives versus a desire to make money? Are they the same? Where do/don't they cross?

Jonathan: "The desires to improve people's lives and make money aren't mutually excusive. The best businesses do both".

Journal: How does our industry technology change/improve/affect people's lives?

Jonathan: "Again, it saves people money, time, and helps them become more informed consumers".


Journal: On a personal level, how does this technology help you personally?

Jonathan: "As the Chairman of Organic, I'm both a producer and consumer of the medium. For me, wireless technology—and more specifically the Treo—has completely changed my life. I spend a lot of time on the road and mobile technologies have removed geographic barriers when it comes to communications and distribution barriers when consuming entertainment. Distance no longer has a hold on my life".


Journal: If the focus on ROI has been a driver for many people, how can we illuminate the personal side of the new media business?

Jonathan: "It makes sense that in a recession, businesses are focused on cost cutting and ROI measures to justify expenditures. Now that we're returning to more economically prosperous days, Marketers are still focused on ROI, but thankfully, a good economy allows us all to invest in more thoughtful brand experiences".


Journal: How long have you been involved in the industry? How many ad:tech events have you attended? What are you most excited about at ad:tech San Francisco?

Jonathan: "Well, I founded Organic in 1993 and it was the first interactive services firm. So, it could be said that I helped invent this industry. In fact, I also attended the first ad:tech and have continued to attend countless ad:tech's over the years—both domestically and internationally. One of the best things about ad:tech San Francisco is that I can attend it and sleep in my own bed"!


Thanks, Jonathan!

Got anything you'd like to share about how technology affects you personally, email me at wendy@madavejournal.com.

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