April 13, 2010

Enchanted ad:tech in April!


By Wendy McHale

Set in the 1920s, Enchanted April is a play about the power of nature and nurture.

It's about two people tired of the cold and wet streets of London, who see an ad in "The Times" and decide to escape to an Italian castle for rent in the month of April!

This season's ad:tech is also about nature and nurture.


ad:tech - Escape to "The City By the Bay" between April 24-26

We begin this special series by focusing on the qualitative as well as quantitative side of technology. So we interviewed many leaders in our business and asked them to comment on how technology affects them on a personal level. Here are just a few:


Sean Carver, Director of Buzz Marketing, Microsoft

"For me personally technology is all about freedom. There is a valid argument that technology has created a work life vacuum that people are loathe to escape in this today's harried lifestyle, but it's also what you make of it. Does 24/7 email make it impossible to get away from work, or does a mobile device or hotspot create an opportunity to drive efficiency from anywhere... whether from work, your backyard...or your daughters soccer games... :)"


Dana Todd, Co-founder and Principal, SiteLab International Inc. ad:tech advisory board member, President of SEMPO.

"In the same way that the space race gave us a number of household conveniences such as the microwave eventually, the excitement around our industry and our technological advances keeps driving innovation at a frantic pace. I like that now I can watch TV on my Smartphone when I'm bored at the airport, and I am frequently bored at the airport. I like that I can see inside people's minds and behaviors, and really understand their motivations beyond all the theory I learned in ad school. I like that Google has helped to free up some much-needed RAM in my brain by storing all my unnecessary trivia about 80s movies, freeing me for much larger thinking skills. And I really love my Kevin Federline Search Engine ;-)"


Richard Frankel, Senior Product Director, Yahoo!

"I share pictures of my kids with my parents. I do all my shopping in the comfort of my own home, and leverage the collective wisdom of thousands of real-world product experts to help me figure out what to buy and what to stay away from!"


Stay tuned for more insights from many more people we know, recognize and respect about how their lives are affected by technology and more specifically, by ad:tech!

Got anything you'd like to share about how technology affects you personally, email me at wendy@madavejournal.com.

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