April 13, 2010

It Couldn't Be More Personal


From Red, White and Blue to Bleu, Blanc & Rouge.


Outside of the US, many western nations are less uptight about keeping up appearances and protocol than in America. It's transcended into their everyday lives, their art and approach to life itself.

The United States-ploitation of global culture

Films seem to reinforce that perception, such as Krzysztof Kieslowski's three-film trilogy, "Blue," "White" & "Red".


There's no music overlay or laughtrack in them to guide viewers through the "emotional du-minute" sound bytes that movie studios hope to garnish into T-shirts and school boxes. "Foreign" films", as they are identified in the aisles and shelves in music stores are indeed that, foreign to many of us.

They're different. They invite and/or make you figure out the plot and meaning of the story for yourself.

From "cafe society" to Starbucks.

We like that. They're personal. To some degree, the net has helped reduce the gap between form over substance as it relates to our global village. But there's not been a specific guide for enabling adults to better understand themselves and their surroundings.

In our opinion, the recent launch of The Personal Life Media Network comes very close to that. We see it as a much needed space that most any adult can relate to. We expect it will help those who would like their experience of people and the world around them feel closer to home.


Using the net, our friend Susan Bratton created it so we feel less on foreign ground. As Founder and CEO of The Personal Life Media Network here she relates the genesis of this impressive undertaking:

"After 13 years of marriage, my husband and I had lost our spark. It's easy to do... we were driven, balancing parenthood, dual careers, travel, friends, family and home and we took stock and realized that our relationship with each other had suffered. We began attending couples workshops, and they had a transforming effect on our relationship".

From Sushi to California roll.

"By stretching out of our daily lives and comfort zones a little, we re-discovered what it was that made our bond so strong in the beginning, and enriched the relationship beyond the level either of us could have expected".


As second and third generation Americans, many boomers, Xer's and Millenniums have turned eastward or westward, northward or southward, back to the lands and the shores their families once emigrated from for answers.

Did DreamWorks' dream work?

For most of the 20th century, the general focus on American society was to be American. So many of our families chose to discard the ways and language of the Old country and adapt and integrate into the American culture. For a while it worked.


By working together, many families who came from relatively poor existences far away now had a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, a house of their own, a dishwasher, a color TV, a microwave and then, ultimately, one of the supreme measures of success, a college graduate in the family.

From a mountain spring to Poland Spring.

These are all conveniences that make life easier on a daily and life-long basis. Yet they were not earned without giving something up. Many people turned their back on the past by reaching for the vanilla-izationed American dream. Were there things we left behind that material success couldn't replace? If there were, the price/value scale of that cost is something we all must estimate inside.


"I wanted to share this remarkable resource with others, so I planned a podcast to interview authors, workshop producers and experts in the personal growth space to expose more people to the huge array of great ideas, techniques and new learning in the world of sex, love, relationships, intimacy, personal growth, spirituality and transformation. There's so much out there that I've experienced and want to share with you. And I thought podcasting was the perfect medium for such personal content".

From asian cuisine to "Chinese Food"


"My background in publishing, consumer web services and Internet technology seemed the perfect combination. I knew just the right partners, hosts and guests for a great show line up. I decided to create a media network that addressed the needs of adults who seek continual growth. Many of us suffer from a vague feeling of "is this all there is"? We have our house, we have our spouse, we manage our kids, our parents, and our career... but what about continued personal fulfillment? There's so much to explore to have a rewarding personal life as an adult".

From fish & chips to McFilet


"My husband loved the idea of Personal Life Media and in my best coup ever, agreed to join the company! Tim is a successful serial entrepreneur, great with technology and finance and amazingly talented on both sides of his brain. He is responsible for the technology, finance, contracts and the growth of our website offering. So that's how we started this media network. We want to expose you to music, ideas and stories that will broaden your purview on love, sex, green living, cool trends, new beauty concepts, great music, anti-aging, global consciousness, personal transformation and more as we discover not just what we love and want to share but more of what you want".


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