April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: The T.S. Eliot Equation

The T.S. Eliot Equation

smiley face.jpg

Who doesn't love those random ads that seems to have very little to do with the product being sold?

This video
would make a good one.

Comedian Mark Day is a self-described grumpy bald Scotsman who has 80+ clips on YouTube. In this one, he stages what he calls a "smiley face intervention."

With a frown and a thick accent, he claims, "I didn't learn to read and write to communicate using a crude system of pictograms. If I wanted to do that I'd get in my time machine and go back to ancient Egypt."

Then he offers "scientific proof" that users of the smiley face worship cats: Take the number of smileys you use in an email, multiply it by the number of times you write LOL, and divide it by the number of exclamation points you use.

The number you arrive at is the number of cats you'll own in old age.

"Fact," he says. "You can Google that later."

The video could potentially be used for any number of products or services. If Google needed to advertise in its quest for ad-world domination, it could use this video. After this clip, it could show a curser in the Google search box as the user typed the phrase "T.S. Eliot Equation." The tagline could read something like, "Google. Find anything."

Or how about Sharpie, the magic marker maker? Their tagline could be, "Some things just need illustrations...."

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