April 13, 2010

Morgan Friedman Hears You Loud & Clear!


S. Morgan Friedman is an excellent listener. He's someone who understands how important it is for each of us to be heard.

The funny thing is, for as much as we all want someone to listen, sometimes we say things we would prefer that no one overhears. You know, those embarrassing little gems we think but never say; that is of course until we hear ourselves say them!

Thank goodness Morgan's gifted with a great sense of humor, otherwise with his creation of "Overheard in New York" we'd all be in trouble!

According to Time Magazine, the idea for the site came to him one day as he found himself empathizing over a conversation a couple was having at the next table, in a cafe in Brooklyn, back in 2003. He decided then that what they were saying was worth writing down. He then began publishing these quotes for his friends and now, ultimately, for the entire world to enjoy. Judging from the "overheards" the site receives daily, people share what they've been hearing from every corner of the globe.

"Overheard" is a Q-Tip for the soul.

Selected last year as one of the blogosphere's "Coolest bloggers," you won't hear much about this from him personally. He prefers to focus on topics other than himself, such as Albert Einstein or the history of the University of California at Berkeley or the creation of Internet Museum (with Sara Holoubek); just a few of the dozens of projects he's produced to date.


Time.com put the spotlight on Morgan for his creation of what is now a network of sites which give people the opportunity to be comedic bloggers themselves. The only requirement is that their quotes must be overheard. Today you and four million other visitors can enjoy the lighter side of life from the things we overhear, be it in New York, in the office, on the beach, from celebs or just about anywhere at all!

Overheard in New York

Overheard in the Office

Overheard at the Beach

Celebrity Wit

Overheard Everywhere

Each has a design and original photography that gives you the feeling you're actually there, overhearing some priceless gems yourself!

In 2006, in collaboration with business partner Michael Malice, Morgan further extending the Overheard franchise by publishing Overheard in New York in hard cover.


Commissioned by The MadAve Journal "Meteor" All-Star Awards, Ed Burns' portrait of celestial body "Cepheid Variable in M-31 with constellation Capricorn" selected specifically for Morgan was titled, "Hubble's Law is in the Content" in honor of the first book of 100% viral site content!

Go on to Google and you'll find well over 10,000+ other links about him. For many this would be an impressive figure for a lifetime of achievement. Morgan is 30!

Thank you Mr. Friedman for your contribution to both online and "on-paper" publishing during 2006. Thanks for lending us your talent to enjoy the more humorous side of everyday living; those precious tidbits of fun we very often hear but too often fail to see.

You are truly a Meteor All-Star!


Visit the Mad Ave Journal Meteor All-Star Home Page to learn about how you can purchase an objet d'art for a star in your life!

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