April 13, 2010

Helter Skelter, Scatter Shelter!!


When it gets to the bottom, I go back, to the up-front buy,
And it stops, and we see, that they once again lied,
Till it gets to the bottom and there's then scatter again!

Do you, don't you want me to buy you?
Costs going up fast, but my clients now hate you,
Sell me, sell me, c'mon stop being the prancer!
To give me cover to say scatter's really the answer!

Network skelter, Client smelter, Buyer shelter Yechhh!


Won't you, make it easy to buy you?
Timing's tight, clout's now gone to shaaaake you,
Tell me, tell me, so clients now panic faster!
To give me cover to say that TV's still the answer!

Look out!! Network skelter, Client smelter, Buyer shelter, Yeah, yeah, yeah!

When it gets to the bottom, CPM's are going up high,
And my job's always first, a scatter buy will save my hide,
And it gets to the bottom, so who cares, if they screw us again!

Network skelter, Client smelter, Buyer shelter! Ohhhhhhhh Yeah!


Look out, here scatter comes!

It doesn't matter how much it costs to buy you,
The more client's in TV, I secretly looove you!
Tell me tell, tell me the answer,
For TV be to seen as the brand's forever enhancer!

Look out, Network skelter,
Scatter's really the answer,
It's goin up fast!
Oh yes it is, it's going up fast!!



I've got cold cash in my fingers!!!!

Boom :--)

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