April 13, 2010

Tom Florio, Meteor All-Star


By Wendy McHale, Publisher.

Before founding our Madison Avenue consultancy and the MadAve Journal, for a year I was a sales consultant for VOGUE Magazine. It was there that I got to know Tom Florio.

With over 15 years in ad sales, I thought I had little left to learn. Boy, was I wrong!

The VOGUE sales team is a force of nature. Being part of it was a paradigm-changing experience. It ultimately enabled me to consider becoming an entrepreneur. This was in a large part due to Tom. His support was (and is) visible on a daily basis and extends into so many other areas of the organization.

The VOGUE franchise is world-class. Today it includes Teen VOGUE and Men's VOGUE. Late last year, VOGUE launched a new magazine titled, VOGUE Living, which is currently in test. These are spin-offs and are successful on their own, but their genesis began at Conde Nast's flagship publication.


Consider therefore how important it is to consistently get it right!

That's not all.

VOGUE's universe is also online. InsideVOGUE complements the publication for its advertisers and sponsors with additional VOGUE content. It takes shape in the form of VOGUE's Trendwatch TV & Podcasts, its ShopVOGUE e-commerce site, its Talk Back research and on-going listings and promotions. All these are in addition to VOGUE's leadership in fashion on Conde Nast's beauty and fashion portal, Style.com.

Commissioned by The MadAve Journal "Meteor" All-Star Awards, Ed Burns' portrait of celestial body "Carinae near Nebula NGC 5324 with constellation Scorpius" was titled, "Golden Wall of the Universe" in honor of Mr. Florio's on-going ability to expand VOGUE in a similar fashion.

Few other media companies have accomplished this so many times. To top it off, VOGUE today is bigger and better than it's ever been, maintaining its prowess and excellence as "the" most important publication in style and fashion today.

Thank you Mr. Florio for your contribution to publishing during 2006 and for expanding the VOGUE fashion flagship successfully and (of course) with style!


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