April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: A Cell Phone Symphony

Cell Phone Symphony

cell phone symphony.jpg

Here's an absolutely outstanding idea for a cell phone carrier. An improv group gathered together 100 people for what they called a "cell phone symphony."

The leaders of the prank had the participants gather in groups depending upon cell phone brand (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola), find a buddy and a common ringtone, and exchange phone numbers. Then, half of the buddies put their cell phones in their backpacks or purses (turned on, volume up), entered The Strand bookstore, and checked their bags.

At a signal from the ringleader, all of the participants in the Nokia group called the cell phones of their buddies. Inside the store, with a dozen or more cell phones ringing in similar rings, the clerks looked confused and uncertain - as did the non-participating patrons, some of whom wanted to retrieve their bags to see if it was their own phone ringing.

With the next signal from the ringleader, the next set of phones went off, and the next, and so on. Inside, the clerks looked increasingly baffled, then amused. One customer made a remark that sounded line, "There are Japanese ghosts here today."

It's a delicious idea, and the prank itself may have been wonderful. Unfortunately, the video lacks tension, drama, and, sadly, sound quality.

Still, an ad from a cell phone carrier that builds off this idea - either staging a similar prank or simply creating a symphony of different ring tones - would be fun.

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