April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: 'Just Climb over Bill, There'

The Jeannie Tate Show

jeannie tate show.jpg

From the group that makes the short-video web series Head in the Oven comes The Jeannie Tate Show, a talk show hosted completely in a mini-van by "everyone's favorite soccer mom." Jeannie is a disgustingly perky blond with a wide smile, cute-as-a-button red mittens and a laugh track she turns on and off via her car stereo.

This episode
of her talk show includes special guest star Bill Hader of Saturday Night Live, as well as musical guests, Jeannie's two soccer-playing sons, a chemically dependent step-daughter ("Watch your wallet, she's a junkie") and more.

The timing and acting are wonderful, as when Jeannie asks Bill how his show comes up with those sketches and he gamely tries to answer. "We have a staff of writers...," he begins, before she cuts him off with a cheerful, "Oh no, it was rhetorical, don't worry about it."

The automaker that makes the van that Jeannie Tate drives (Chrysler? Dodge?) should consider trying to sponsor the show - though it's so fabulous that the filmmakers may well not need corporate sponsorship.

Possible tagline: "So roomy, you can host your own talk show."

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