April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Urban Ninjas Wear Converse

Urban Ninja

urban ninja.jpg

The Urban Ninja featured in this video created a team of martial artists called the EMC Monkeys who combine Chinese Gung Fu, acrobatics, kick boxing, and Tae Kwon Do to ... well, to flip off walls in public areas, cartwheel off buildings, and entertain people, it looks like.

The video is amazing in that it is so obviously not a Hollywood production - it's rough, there's no stunt double and no tricks of filming to make his moves seem more difficult then they really are. The result is that the "Ninja" seems like he may simply be just an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary ability.

Interestingly, one mark of the artist's particular style is that it looks as though he is wearing black Converse All-Star high tops in at least a few of the clips that make up the video (and red ones in a few of the other clips).

An ad featuring this artist, executing these stunts, in these affordable shoes with no cushioning air bubbles, no moisture management, no "foot bucket" or toe perforations, could have a strong impact on athletes who wish to "play" simply for the game's sake (whatever that game may be).

The tagline could focus on simplicity: perhaps something like, "It's about the game, not the gear."

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