April 13, 2010

David Bradley's Local Community Activism


David Bradley wants to make a difference. Actually, that is inaccurate. David has made a difference, is making one now and will most likely continue doing so as long as he inhabits the planet!

Actually, we should correct ourselves there as well. Considering the advancements being made in space flight, it's likely that this Meteoric All-Star may have a positive effect in other worlds as of yet unknown!

Ed Burns chose "Cygnus Loop Supernova with constellation Libra" as the celestial body to artistically portray David's passion for "Local Community," the name of the portrait awarded to him. See below!


In 2006, with the launch of magazine and website 02138, David Bradley, Chairman of the Atlantic Media Company, brought about a new sense of community among people who have a disproportionate desire to have an impact on the world.

02138 is the first lifestyle magazine ever edited for Harvard grads; a rarified audience of highly accomplished people. It's meant to engage both their intellectual curiosity and their emotional interest in each other and their intense curiosity about each other.


According to its founding editor, Bom Kim, "The most compelling element about 02138 is the passion within the community."

Later this year we'll be publishing a chat we had with 02138 publisher, Meredith Kopit and Bom about the first magazine that - as one of our editors teased them - is the first magazine ever to "go postal" with zip code targeting!

The truth of the matter is that using the Harvard zip code as its name is an unconventional and brilliant idea. It's no doubt in this case that these two characteristics went hand in hand.


When queried about this Meredith said, "The choice of 02138 was really meant to signify the place where this community actually became a community. It's just very much the starting point."

Speaking about the Bradley organization overall, Meredith told us, "This [02138] goes back to even when David acquired The Atlantic Monthly. There's a spirit in the larger organization; a belief that if you genuinely tap into people's passion for editorial content and prove to advertisers that it's engaging enough, then the business success will follow."

Is there any doubt that this approach to business in our business is truly unique? We wish that were not so, though at least it is alive and well somewhere!


Upon coming aboard The Atlantic last month, Atlantic Media Company's flagship (pun intended) publication, well-known, gay republican blogger, Andrew Sullivan wrote this about why he signed up as a member of the crew:

"The prospect of being part of taking this deeply American institution into a new medium in a new century is, for me, an English immigrant, a real honor and privilege. The blog retains its complete editorial independence, of course. You have that guarantee. But it will, I hope, be part of something bigger as well: a voice in a new conversation, dedicated to the American idea, of no party or clique, in pursuit of freedom, national progress, and honor."

That pretty much says it all about David, The Atlantic and 02138 most of all.


Thank you Mr. Bradley on your contribution to the world of publishing in 2006! You are truly a meteor all-star!

The Editors

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