April 13, 2010

Introducing Mr. Ed Burns, The Artist


The painting above is a portrait of Cancer: The Crab. Orion Nebula: M42, 43

By Ed Burns

The Astronomical Art of Grace paintings were created to celebrate the birth of my first granddaughter, Grace. It is my hope to bring the art and science worlds together in a way that is both attractive to look at and scientifically accurate.


By creating a painting that beautifully combines my interpretation of a deep space object with a person's Zodiac star constellation, or with the timing of our Meteor All-Stars' accomplishments, I hope to open the door of enlightenment to the wonders of science, especially the study of astronomy.

Deep space objects and events have been identified by people since before the dawn of recorded time. These articles in space can range from our own "Milky Way" to the "Big Dipper;" from bright star clusters as seen in ancient times to our newest "supernovas" and many more spectacular and colorful discoveries being beamed back to us from space by probes like the Hubble Space Telescope and myriad numbers of sophisticated observatories that ring Earth.


I believe these personalized paintings will help people of all ages to become more curious about deep space and its significance to the world we live in today.

Interest in science and math education has been on the decline for too many years now. It is my hope that the paintings being offered by the Astronomical Art of Grace will raise the level of awareness for and interest in the need for science education.


Visit the Mad Ave Journal Meteor All-Star Home Page to learn about how you can purchase an objet d'art for a star in your life!

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