April 13, 2010

Meteor All-Stars Get This:


Talent is like a gift, yet most media all-star awards acclaim it by focusing on the award itself :--)

We believe the best way to acknowledge talent is "with" a gift. So we asked our artist friend, Ed Burns to create a number of objets d'art; ten to be exact for stars on Madison Avenue we think are meteoric.


Meteoric? You may ask what does that mean? It's a cool word that describes something hot. And it sounds like "media." What's its relevance? We only thought we had a clue; that the stars in the sky were the first user-generated media vehicles. But that was too heady, so to keep it simple, we turned to the dictionary.


The back-story: "The Murph"

The question is, how did the idea of "Meteor All-Star" come into our minds? "The Murph" gets the credit. When "The Murph" walks onto a golf course or into a room, a bar, a restaurant, a convention center... you name it, he probably knows everybody already. If he doesn't, he probably will by the time he leaves.

We spoke to "The Murph" back in September 2004, just before we launched the MadAve Journal. He heard about what we were doing and called us out of the blue to tell us we should talk to his friend, Ed Burns, the artist.

The Murph admitted he had no idea what might become of it but he said it would be worth doing just the same. We never formally met Ed until much later. What we did do is receive two portraits of his work as gifts to us to celebrate the MadAve Journal launch, by way of Murph's introduction of us to him. We were blown away by his work but didn't see an immediate connection. There it stood for over a year.


One night while our editor was working on the Journal, suddenly - like a flash across the sky - he saw Ed's portraits whisked before him. He heard something whispered into his brain, "Meteor All-Star." He stopped cold. Once the vision faded, he smiled and then whispered back, "The Murph." He thought, "I've got to call The Murph"...

He then met Ed for the first time and began a conversation about what an award should be; a work of art as special as its Star!

Over the next couple of weeks you can see them here and the God-given star clusters selected for each of these commissions!

And then the second MadAve Journal Meteor All-Star Award series will be announced, on a day of celebration with The Murph and Ed Burns - Saint Patrick's Day - when there's a meteoric twinkle in us all!!

Click here to learn more about Ed!


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