April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Chicken McNuggets, Yah

Chicken McNuggets, Yah


If you're at all a connoisseur of YouTube, it's likely you saw this video last spring. Even if you're not, you may have seen it on TV, as the creators of the video were featured on a couple of talk shows.

Still, I thought it worth pointing out because it's the quintessential video for Commercial Worthy (and in fact it helped inspire the idea behind the column). In the video, two teens stand on a street corner, a McDonald's restaurant in the background, while one raps about his love for Chicken McNuggets while the other provides "backup".

The two say nothing lyrical about how wonderful the nuggets are. They don't mention the great price, the health value, or the superior flavor. In fact, the song doesn't say much of anything beyond "McNuggets McNuggets yah!" and "ketchup and mayyyooo, ketchup and mayyyooo." But the overall effect is hilarious. The video spread like wildfire and it certainly generated plenty of positive word of mouth for the product.

And, as one person commented on the site, "Better than any McDonald's commercial that they spend millions of dollars on..."

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