April 13, 2010

ForbesTraveler.com Presents: Susan's Six-Part ad:tech Walking Tour


By Susan Bratton, ad:tech, Chairman Emeritus

Going to ad:tech is like trying to "do" the Louvre in a single day. Sheathed in sneakers and armed with almonds, you still don't have the required tri-athelete stamina to see everything on the show floor, hear the best conference sessions and schmooze all the mucky mucks you would like.

I can help you with one of those issues - the conference agenda. The New York show is my Schwanengesang...my final work of programming for ad:tech as I segue into Chair Emeritus and Drew Ianni elegantly fills my shoes for 2007 and beyond. So I know a little bit about these tracks, these sessions, these speakers.

Now you have to make your own decisions about what interests you. If you are gung-ho on affiliate marketing, sit that session. If you are tipsy over email analytics -- drink up! Don't let MY personal ad:tech conference strategy sway you from your plan. But in case you are torn between two sessions, or I suggest one you hadn't considered -- planning instead to work your Treo like payout slots -- take heed! I'm a woman in the know. And after 30 conferences in 5 years with over 1,000 speakers a year, I know gold when I hear it.

So for the next few days, you are going to get my personal recommendations for the sessions that most intrigue me. Sometimes it's the subject. Sometimes it's the speaker. Sometimes it's the potential for a screaming match. Sometimes I just like to hear famous people..or juicy people...or rich people, just to see what they are like.

Here are my categories. Stop back and read what I have to say about each:

1. The Futurist Stuff
2. Interesting Characters and Excellent Speakers
3. Hands On: My Favorite Workshops
4. Search Strategies Even I Can Grok
5. Web 2.0 CGM and Social Media Goodies
6. Contentious Conversations
7. Now & Next Tech Show
8. Keynoters

See you at ad:tech!

Here are links to all Six Parts for your convenience:

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 1

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 2

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 3

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 4

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 5

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 6

As many of you know, Susan is known for her "power-rolodex" of decision-makers in Internet marketing and media and for her success launching online advertising products for @Home Network, Excite, Mailblocks and Maven Networks.

A courageous leader, Susan's experience has ranged from first revenue generation at Mailblocks, ultimately sold to AOL, to managing a 200+ team as SVP Sales and Marketing at Excite@Home, responsible for more than $100 million in revenue.

Susan currently splits her time between consulting and board work. Her consulting projects includes account prioritization and sales strategy, go-to-market positioning and packaging products and services for companies in the interactive space. She also actively advises a handful of carefully selected organizations ranging from pre-funded start-ups to early-stage profitable companies helping them raise funding or more successfully monetize their existing businesses.

She sits on the board of directors of Intelevision and ZEDO, Inc. and the advisory boards of 1 (800) FREE-411 aka Jingle Networks, Maven Networks, Inc., mbuzzy, Inc., MerchantCircle.com, OurStory.com, Powered, Inc., and TheBeam.com as well as the boards of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and the Bay Area Interactive Group.

As Chair Emeritus of ad:tech Expositions, the leading conference for digital marketers, Susan programmed 1,000 speakers a year reaching more than 20,000 attendees at events in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London, Shanghai and Sydney.

AdAge magazine recognized Susan as a "Digital Media Master" and one of the "10 Internet Pioneers." A founding member of the Internet Advertising Bureau, she served 5 years, including an election to Vice Chairman. She continues to be a sought-after speaker, presenting at over 50 digital conferences and winning the coveted DEMO God award.

Happily married for 13 years, Susan attends to her daughter (9) and inventive husband while squeezing in time for community support, working out and traveling the world. In addition to a BS with honors in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Susan has furthered her executive education at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The Madison Avenue Journal would like to thank Forbes.com for their sponsorship of Susan Bratton's ad:tech Walking Tour.

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