April 13, 2010

Google Blogs Alert for: Madison Avenue. Issue 2.0


These "as-they-happen" Google Alerts are brought to you by Google. Special thanks to them for this remarkable service, fo'real.

From time to time we find something interesting from Google Alerts relating to Madison Avenue. That is, the Madison Avenues of Main Street, USA which have nothing to do with our business.

In some ways, we feel they are equal - if not more important - than the rotisserie-pace of MadAve trade news we've are bombarded with. Call them the Zeitgeist of Mad Ave, USA.

Here are three stories which report news on the Madison Avenue in Peoria, IL, Wooster, OH, and Milwaukee, WS.


North Valley mixed on police's progress

Local Peoria resident Tim Herold recently created a web site to post online mug shots of "johns" arrested by Peoria Police. He took a stand last summer after repeatedly seeing the same men come into in his neighborhood trolling for prostitutes. Fed up he initiated the push to put those arrested for solicitation up on the Web. Eight months later, he thinks it's working. Barbara Hartnett, executive director of Friendship House on Madison Avenue, agrees things are better.


Adjusting fertilizer to create low-phytate crops

Giving too much phosphorus to wheat and barley plants has been shown to raise the amount stored as phytate, rather than as more digestible forms of phosphorus. This finding is important for two reasons: Livestock that are fed high-phytate grains excrete more phosphorus in their manure, which can pollute water. Mary J. Guttieri and colleagues made the discovery, a research leader of the ARS Soft Wheat Quality Research Unit on 1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, OH 44691.


Free wireless Internet access debuts in Milwaukee central business district in Albany

Add downtown Albany in Milwaukee, WS to the list of places where you can surf the Web wireless for free--but only for an hour a day. The city let Tech Valley install wireless access points on municipal buildings and other facilities. Although the wireless coverage is concentrated downtown--an area bounded roughly by Madison Avenue, Clinton Street, Broadway and the state Capitol--other parts of the city also have smaller free hubs, including Western Avenue, Delaware Avenue and Henry Johnson Boulevard. During the quiet roll-out over the past few weeks, the network got 5,000 to 10,000 hits on some days.

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