April 13, 2010

ForbesTraveler.com Presents: Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 1.


By Susan Bratton, ad:tech, Chairman Emeritus

One of the things for which ad:tech is known is bringing to the fore new technology from early-stage companies in the digital marketing space. Yet, in a conference environment, not everyone who wants to speak gets to speak, and many times, the newest companies don't have proof points or case studies or even customers yet so their value on a panel is limited. So I came up with a way that we could put together a group of companies that have something interesting to show called the Now & Next Tech Showcase.

Now and Next Technology Showcase

The Now & Next Showcase runs both Monday and Tuesday concurrently with the conference and you get to see a whole host of companies who have something that's available now or even who have a product or service that's going to be available soon. So it's very cutting edge.

There's a lot of new ITV technology and mobile marketing concepts. There are all kinds of new rich media products, and so it's a really good way to see what's on the horizon. It's an editorial showcase, so the companies are strongly encouraged not to pitch, just to education and inform. This is not an exhibit hall, it's a small, intimate, demo area where you can get right up to the products/services and talk to the founders.

You'll see offerings from:

Adhoc Mobile




Cielo Group

Exent Technologies

iBlocks, Inc.

Ingenio, Inc.

Linden Lab

Lirix, Inc.




TeleFlip, Inc.

Third Screen Media


Ultramercial, LLC

Zoove Corp.

It's where I get my latest, newest information.

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