April 13, 2010

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 2.


By Susan Bratton, ad:tech, Chairman Emeritus

Keynotes: Part 2 of this 8-part series

The keynote speakers at ad:tech New York are interesting to me not as much because of the content they're going to present as for the people they are. Let's start off with David Lubars. David is the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO North America. He's been there about a year and a half. And he is essentially taking old school BBDO into the future.

David distinguished himself at Fallon in Minneapolis. He was a memorable part of Citibank's "identity theft" series and the progenitor of the BMW films series. I had an opportunity to go on a presentation with David a couple of years ago to Amazon on a big idea that he had. You can see that concept manifest in Amazon's film series they showcase on their home page a couple of times a year.

The thing that I loved about David and immediately connected with him on was I could tell he always spoke the truth. He never pandered to his client and he never deviated from his beliefs. His beliefs are strong and they are based and rooted in experience and talent. He has an uncanny compass. For that reason, I want to hear what he's doing at BBDO. I want to see him in action. But really what I love is his authenticity, and I know you will too.

The second keynote is Emily Green, CEO of Yankee Group and I have a soft spot in my heart, of course, for every woman CEO in this business. But that's not why Emily's up on the stage. Emily's up on the stage because she impressed us at Forrester, and she's kicking ass at the Yankee Group. She's going to get up on that stage and release some research that hasn't been released anywhere else that she's created especially for ad:tech called "The Anywhere Consumer." When Emily explains the future to me, I learn a lot and I'll be leveraging her presentation in my future strategic thinking.

The third keynote is moderated by our new chair of ad:tech, a personal friend of mine and someone to whom I've been connected since the day I met him. Drew Ianni is now the Chairman of Programming for ad:tech, and he's going to moderate a keynote session about the future of online video. Online video is chronically in the news right now. It is going through, its renaissance finally, after 10 years of Internet advertising history. Boy is it time!

This Future of Video panel includes the always-articulate and well-versed Sarah Fay from Isobar; Suzie Reider, who's the new CMO of YouTube (she came from CNET where she ran the entertainment business); Paul Sagan, who is the President and CEO of Akamai Technologies, essentially the pipeline guy for the web; and last but not least, Jonathan Klein, who is currently President of CNN US, but got his start in the broadband world at The Feed Room, a Web 1.0 broadband company.

It's a fabulous lineup and I love to watch Drew in action. He does a great job asking incredibly insightful questions, things that are the "I wish I thought of that" kind of questions. I'm going to learn a lot there.

And finally, one of my all time Internet favorites, Kevin Ryan, one of the founders of Double Click. He rode that bad boy up to the top and stayed with it as it went down. It's luckily bounced off the bottom and it's coming back up again.

Kevin decided to leave and get into Web 2.0 technologies. I certainly don't blame him. He did wondrous things for our industry. He's a lovely human. He's a good businessman, and I've asked him to come and present his perspectives on what Web 2.0 can do for marketers, for publishers, for advertisers and for agencies. And I'd like to hear what he has to say about that because I think we'll learn some things there too.

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