April 13, 2010

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 3.


By Susan Bratton, ad:tech, Chairman Emeritus

Search Strategies Even I Can Grok - Part 3 of this 8-part series

In the category of search strategies even I can grok, I have a number of recommendations for you. First of all, there are, whew, eight sessions between Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on every aspect of search for the marketer and the agency that loves them.

The four that I would go to, and I will try to go to as many of these as possible, are "Search Solo" with Kevin Lee, the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Did It.com. You probably know about Kevin by the frogs with the crowns that he gives out at all the shows. Great tchotchke, greater guy.

Kevin is going to talk about what he sees happening in the search marketplace, kind of the futurist view of search, what the opportunities are now and how they're tracking. He's going to talk about behavioral search and something he calls "power segmentation", contextual auctions and the new Google radio spot world, which I think is interesting. He knows all the nooks and crannies of search and understands how they interrelate, and that's what I rely on Kevin for, and I think you'll enjoy his logical and well-formed perspective.


The second search session that I'd recommend is something called the "Search Evolution", about how social and community-based search is changing all the rules. I became aware of all of the new social search companies from Collarity, who's on the session, as well as from Eurekster and now Google has a new social search and Yahoo has a beta out. There are a lot of people working on social search, but I want to get deeper than that in this session with the community-based search and the differences between them. We're going talk about all kind of new search, including media search and vertical search and visual search and, of course, Web 2.0 search, and all the new ad models that support that. We'll find out if these new vertical styles of search are changing the ad models that we'll buy.

Rebecca Leib, the executive editor of ClickZ gallantly handles the moderating on this panel with Emil Ismalon, who's coming from Israel and is the CTO and co-founder of Collarity, and David Sifry, who's the founder and CEO of Technorati, which is, of course, the great blog search tool, and Kevin Ryan, one of my perennial favorites, because he, once again, speaks from his truth as he sees it, and I love his pointed opinions. The three of them really know their stuff and come from very different perspectives, and Rebecca will manage to bring the best out of that session.

Then I'm going to saunter on in the afternoon to something that we call the "Fireside Chat." This is a twosome, a fabulous twosome, Dana Todd, the Executive VP of Sight Lab, who is also the President and on the Board of Directors of SEMPO, the search engine marketing professionals organization. She's their fearless leader.


She's joined by Bruce Clay, the President of Bruce Clay Incorporated. You've probably heard his ads. Bruce and Dana, between them, are an amazingly deep taproot of search marketing knowledge, and when you're deeply in involved in organic SEO or even if you're just starting to learn about how to manage your site for organic search results, you can bring any questions that you have to the "oracles", Dana and Bruce, and they'll answer them. So instead of being yet another PowerPoint presentation panel, this particular session is wonderful because it's custom made for you. You show up, bring a question, get an answer. I love that.

And finally, "Linking and Optimization for Better Rankings and More Traffic." Yeah, I like the free stuff. All the pay per click stuff is great, but I like all the SEO and the linking and the optimization, the keyword phrases, what you should do on your site; what Bill Hunt calls "creating tasty spider food."

Mike Grehan, founder and CEO of SmartInteractiveLtd is the presenter. Mike is a wonderful speaker and he has a way of explaining things that if you deeply understand them, he can take you to the next level, and if you've never heard the phrase before, he'll get you up to speed. And he carries a very big stick, which you'll see when you attend his session. Great guy and great information. Just what you learn from Grehan in his session can pay back the cost of your ad:tech conference ticket.


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