April 13, 2010

ForbesTraveler.com Presents: Susan, Part 4.


By Susan Bratton, ad:tech, Chairman Emeritus

Web 2.0, Social Media and GCM Goodies

I find all the Web 2.0 consumer generated media and social media categories to be personally interesting because they're very consumer friendly and consumer focused and therefore valuable from a personal and professional level. There are six sessions that I'd love to attend at this ad:tech. The first is about "Consumer Generated Media's Role in the Engagement Equation," masterfully moderated by Pete Blackshaw, the CMO of Nielsen BuzzMetrics. The lineup of the people on this panel will make this fascinating. It's about measuring buzz in its simplest form.


Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star

And the panelists are Ze Frank, from zefrank.com, an incredibly creative man; Bob DeSena, who is with Media Edge CIA and came from M&M Mars and ran all of their customer relationship management; Jonah Peretti, who is the founding partner of the Huffington Post, which is a fantastic online site; and Terry Pittman, the Executive Director of Innovation for AOL's digital services. Big company, small company, creative and media all combined on a single panel to talk about measuring buzz.

And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are

Then I recommend you pop off to a session called "Why You Should Create a Corporate Social Media Platform." It talks about creating community in blogs, podcasts and WIKIs for your customer interaction from a corporate or a marketing perspective. Diane Hessen of Communispace is a new moderator at ad:tech. She is managing this session and its all brand-side speakers on the lineup. Frito Lay, Intuit, CNet, Techsmith and Fidelity are going to show you how they have put together their WIKIs, blog, podcasts, et cetera, to connect with their customers.


You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard

The next session that I recommend is the "Intricacies of a Great Viral or Word of Mouth Marketing Program." I think it's great to see case studies, but what we wanted to get to with this session was not just how you do a WOM program but what a program looks like, and everything you need to think about and plan for in the before and after of this kind of project; how it integrates into the greater good of the marketing that you're doing in an organization, and how to reach, specifically, your influencers when you do a viral or word of mouth campaign. It's a systemic approach to the concept of integrating virality.


Some that you recognise, some that you've hardly even heard of

Once again, Jim Nail of Forrester fame and now with Cymfony will be working with a team of people including the inventors of one of the best viral programs of 2006, the shaveeverywhere.com program created by Tribal DDB for Philips, North America. We also have Jason Woodmansee, who's with Digitana. He came out of the golf world. And Gary Spangler, who's with DuPont to offer good business-to-business twist.

I wish my life was a non-stop Hollywood movie show

Then I would recommend that you segue into all the Web 2 sessions. I asked Charlie Buchwalter, who is at Nielsen//Net Ratings, (and on the Board of ad:tech and wonderful man) to join Roy DeSouza, the founder and CEO of ZEDO, an ad serving company, who supports the Web 2.0 market to get together and sit me down in a session and run me through all of the new companies.


A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes

What's after You Tube and My Space? What are the next upcoming properties? What's the next generation? What's Web 3.0? What does that look like? What sites should I know about? Educate me in a half an hour to 45 minutes and let me see a survey of the web today and where it's going. I love that kind of stuff because many of them are sites that I personally love to go to and think you will too.

And those who are successful

I'd stop in at "Social Commerce: Mashing Up the Web," mostly because if you got a great review of lots of sites, you can get a little deeper by listening to Steven DeMarco, the VP of marketing at Compete, talk to the CEOs of five new Web 2.0 companies; Yelp, AttentionSoft, Eons, Mail Networks, and Cruxy. These are companies that have been hand selected out of that Web 2.0 gaggle to come and get deeper, and I think Steven can do that the best.


Be always on your guard

And finally, "Marketing Mash-Ups: Navigating Consumer-Driven Marketing" is highly recommended. Marissa Gluck, originally with Jupiter, is the co-founder and managing partner of Radar Research, and she's going to talk to John Stichwech from the Coca-Cola company, Ian Schaefer from Deep Focus, and Corey Treffelletti from Real Branding about how you can relinquish some of the control over your brand in this new world of mash-ups, what the pitfalls are and what the opportunities are and how to manage your way through that if you are a brave, brave marketer.


Success walks hand in hand with failure, along Hollywood Boulevard.

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