April 13, 2010

Susan's ad:tech Walking Tour, Part 5.


By Susan Bratton, ad:tech, Chairman Emeritus

Hands on and Hands Down: Creative Workshops

Hands on and hands down my favorite kind of session is a new format – workshops. We launched the concept of workshops last year at the New York show. They were wildly popular and very well attended, and we bring in a single facilitator who explains a special subject and gives you an opportunity to interact during the session about your business with an overlay of their concepts.


The first workshop that I recommend is a podcasting primer that is put together by Craig Syverson, the founder of Grunt Media. Craig is flying in from California, the hotbed of podcasting, to explain to you the decision process for deciding whether, as a marketer, you need to create your own podcasts, or if you're going to outsource it. And if you do want to outsource, Craig explains how be smart about the process and ask the right questions of your prospective technology partner. Craig's great. He does a whole tutorial on creating podcasts, and he's just the right guy for it. As a matter of fact, he's been invited to the Apple store in SOHO to give the same presentation while he's in town.

The other session that I'd go to, because it is a really new concept, (it could have easily fit into my futurist bucket of session recommendations) is a breakout run by Peter Stork and Damon Ragusa, who are partners in a concept called ThinkVine.


They are doing something - and hold on here, you'll have to run this through your head a couple of times - called "agent-based modeling workshops." Essentially, it's media-mix simulations. They're going to show you what the prospective results will be based on various media mix scenarios.

I want to see how it's done and I love the concept of visualization and the future projections, and I love Peter Stork. He's brilliant and if he's involved, it's something I think I need to know about. It's very cutting edge. I think it's the first time he's presented it publicly.


I'd also go to a really good workshop called "Carpenters First, Building an Actionable Creative Brief." This is put on by David Herscott, the president of MEA Digital, out of San Diego, California. David came out of really strong agency background, BBDO and Modem Media, and he's going to teach you, in a hands-on workshop, about how to build an actionable, creative brief. He's going to walk you through the checklist for defining your brand roadmap and the process for creating that brief.

He also wrote a book called Marketing Mojo, and all of his presentation and more is contained in his book. This was a piece that we took out of the book and created a workshop just for ad:tech attendees. David is smart, he's handsome, he's articulate, and he knows his stuff. I couldn't think of a better person from whom to learn how to write a creative brief. Even if you're not creative, you should know how to do it.


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