April 13, 2010

Susan Bratton's 'net Work


Editor A. "Susan Bratton is a networker."

Editor B. "Actually, that's not quite accurate. She's way more than that."

Editor A. "How about mentioning that in 2006, she took on a new role as ad:tech Chair Emeritus?"

Editor B. "Hmmmm... close, but that still doesn't do it."

Editor A. "I've got it! She's a dynamic person with a great intellect, a history of accomplishment, an impeccable reputation and someone who's fun to be with. She's also incredibly beautiful, both inside and out."

Editor B. "You're getting warmer!"

Editor A. "Really? I give up!"

Editor B. "It's staring you right in the face. The best way to describe Susan is to say that she's a Meteor All-Star!"

Editor A. "Riiiiiight! I was just about to say that!"

Editor B. "Oh boy."

Ed Burns chose the "Dark Nebula on Milky Way edge with constellation Leo" as the celestial body to artistically portray Susan's ability to inspire us. He named the portrait "Many Stars in This Nebula" as it's the title.

Ed was right. One of Susan's gifts is her ability to make us all feel like stars within her universe.


Needless to day, we were thrilled when she wrote a pre ad:tech "walking tour" series for us last year. It was an enlightened insider's view that our readers enjoyed right before New York conference.

Published over the course of 5 days before the show, here's a snippet of her unique approach to this assignment, "So for the next few days, you are going to get my personal recommendations for the sessions that most intrigue me. Sometimes it's the subject. Sometimes it's the speaker. Sometimes it's the potential for a screaming match. Sometimes I just like to hear famous people..or juicy people...or rich people, just to see what they are like."

Upon her appointment as Chair Emeritus, she welcomed Mr. Drew Ianni as the new ad:tech chair of programming. Drew said, "It's really through Susan's sheer will that ad:tech survives."

Don Knox, Vice President of ad:tech expositions also had kind words for Susan, "Susan has helped define ad:tech. Establishing it as the leader in interactive marketing conferences and exhibitions. She weathered the industry downturn, working incredibly hard, and helped us to re-emerge triumphant with this year's record-setting attendance in San Francisco and vibrant growth here in Chicago."

She sits on the board of directors of Intelevision and ZEDO, Inc. and the advisory boards of 1 (800) FREE-411 aka Jingle Networks, Maven Networks, Inc., mbuzzy, Inc., MerchantCircle.com, OurStory.com, Powered, Inc., and TheBeam.com as well as the boards of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and the Bay Area Interactive Group.

Besides her board responsibilities she also publishes a blog titled Dishy Mix and produces a weekly live radio show and podcast which dives deep into the personal lives of industry thought-leaders. Part MTV Cribs, part People magazine, Susan gets titans of industry to reveal themselves, not just their business strategy.

It's a show that proves that business IS entertaining!

Editor A. I think that just about sums is up!

Editor B. I think you're right!... (thinking, "for once.") :--)


Thank you Susan for bringing the world of technology closer together and for providing the support we all need to remember that the business of marketing is a business of relationships!

You are truly a meteor all-star!

The Editors

Visit the Mad Ave Journal Meteor All-Star Home Page to learn about how you can purchase an objet d'art for a star in your life!

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