April 13, 2010

Save the Advertisers...

All it Takes is Just a Few Dollars a Click


Say "yes" to Bob , and you can transform his life.


By Sara Holoubek

Bob from Madison Avenue is just one of the thousands of advertising agency executives waiting for a sponsor. For just a few dollars a click, you can give him a chance to escape a pathetic career path by providing him with some of the advertiser's basic needs - an award, a decent LinkedIn network and a nice pair of Prada Shoes.

That's all it takes.

Save the Advertisers to help create real change in the lives of executives in need. Whatever you choose, know that your contribution will be used towards the goal of creating lasting change in their lives.


Who Needs Advertising Week?

At first I thought it was just me thinking "does the world really need advertising week?"

Then I started talking to others. Most admitted that it was a bit silly. At a minimum, the thought that the advertising industry needs an awareness campaign is almost oxymoronic. As one blogger commented, "Isn't every week advertising week?"

Others find it outright repulsive. Here we are, marketers, technologists, advertisers and big brands, taking in a week of cocktails, tradeshow gossip and awards to give ourselves a pat on the back.

Many Ways to Give

I figured that with hundreds of events, and some pretty nice coin, this week had to have a mission statement somewhere. Here is what I found.

"Advertising Week 2006 is a fundamental commitment to celebrate creativity. Above and beyond celebration, Advertising Week is about inspiring young people to join our craft; focusing the industry and public at-large on the social impacts of advertising; and shining a bright light on the influence advertising has on our economic fabric. We accomplish these lofty goals thorugh a hybrid of programming which includes public exhibits, keynotes and panels, major conferences and expositions, and a wide variety of special events."

-from advertisingweek.com

Now that is a lot to swallow. Let's see, if I have this right we are supposedly:

1. Celebrating creativity
2. Inspiring young people to join our craft
3. Focusing on the social impacts of advertising
4. Demonstrating the influence of advertising on the economy

If it were up to me, this is a much more accurate picture:

1. Celebrating commoditization
2. Inspiring young people make a job switch
3. Focusing on society's avoidance of advertising
4. Demonstrating the influence of alcohol on advertising executives

You Can Make a Difference

Yet we all join the party. Why is this so? One business development representative told me that "it strikes me as a good opportunity for networking and snide, acerbic criticism of the industry." I personally vote for free booze, good gossip and the opportunity to see west coast colleagues that only make the trip once in blue moon.


And then there is Mr. Human Resources, who made me aware of the real reason Advertising Week exists: it serves as an excellent opportunity to scope out your next job.


Sara Holoubek is a free agent consultant serving the interactive sector and its investors. She can be reached at saraholoubek@gmail.com.

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