April 13, 2010

Stanley Moger, Up Close & Personal with Friends

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Okay, you'd have to be the grinch, or maybe a democrat not to smile when you see this photo of Mr. Moger with Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Freeman. I mean, really!

Taking some time between courses, we thought we would have a little fun and share some photos and comments we've received from people who know Stanley personally. The people in the photos need no introduction. The people sharing their thoughts introduce themselves, alphabetically.

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"An Optimistic Virus"

By Jim Coppersmith

During my career in broadcasting, I worked as General Sales Manager and later the General Manager of WNEW-TV (now WNYW-TV); so like others in the industry, I got to know and adore Stanley.

I also spent years in Boston and General Manager of WCVB-TV and had the privilege of getting to know Colonel Art Moger, Stan's illustrious Dad, a Warner Brothers executive who was a prolific author, raconteur and all around sweetheart. Apples do not fall from the tree.

On a personal level, Stanley is one of the most authentic and original friends I have, who has never lost a friend in his life. His friendship is an optimistic virus, for which I hope they never fine a cure!

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"An Experience Unlike Any Other"

By Jason Kanefsky, MPG Media Executive

Stan Moger is a legend in the business. His unique style, borne from a passion for effective advertising and quality television, allows him to see outside the box of CPM's and :30 spots. He develops ideas that sell products. Advertisers can proactively market their products and services to consumers as opposed to being a random voice in a crowded commercial pod.

Working for Stanley was an experience unlike any other. Be prepared for a long and wide ranging conversation that will include swapping stories about family (his, yours and people you don't know), old Jewish jokes and nuggets of gold that can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

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"Stanley IS High Definition TV"

Jim Keever, CBS Sales Executive

Stan Moger is unforgettable, and in only the best sense of the word. He is a creative maverick standing in a media world that has become bottom-line driven. My father, Jake Keever, hired Stan at Filmmaster in the 1950's to sell syndicated programming to TV stations, and Stanley would laugh that he "Would never forgive Jake for getting me into this business!" To know Stanley is to understand and commiserate with him as a friend and ally.

His success is measured in ways well beyond his intuitively deft touch of procuring, packaging and producing entertainment. His reputation is most clearly defined through his everlasting friendships, with everyone from the greenest assistants who started out at SFM, to the legends of television who blazed a trail from the black and white era into the today’s HDTV generation. In a sense, Stanley IS High Definition TV - bigger, bolder, and clearer than the standard definition of ordinary television.

Stan spends his life bringing people together, be it in front of the television set, or to his Holiday luncheon. His family extends beyond Marcia, Robin and Wendy to the world at large, and he always lets you know that you are an important part of that world. Our family is grateful for the roles that Stanley and his family have played in our lives, and are glad to read about this rich recognition that he's earned throughout all of the facets of his life.

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The Editors

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