April 13, 2010

Beginning Monday: Stanley Moger Week!


Stanley Moger never sings his own praises. He has the good fortune of having his clients do that, voluntarily and with vigor!

Today and for the last 30+ years, Anyone who's Anyone in Television knows Stanley. That's putting it mildly. They don't just know him, they love him. It's hard not to.

Hailed as the first and last great independent television syndication company, SFM Entertainment airs the most beloved, first-rate media programs on television. It is the number one advertiser-oriented provider of TV programming on a national basis.

Stanley is a world leader in TV, film and new media distribution, production and licensing on a national and international basis.


Born into a legendary entertainment family, Stanley created the modern-day TV syndication business and the first and last independent media agency with SFM Media, (now MPG.) His achievements also include the creation and launch of the masterpiece series, Mobil Showcase Network and the new Mickey Mouse Club. Presently SFM Entertainment's clients include the American Film Institute airing on CBS, Colgate-Palmolive airing on the Hallmark Channel and ground-breaking work with UCLA and their content, among others.

At various times, Stanley has personally managed the airing of well over 100 specially-produced programs in over 150 markets around the US. He has a working, personal relationship with virtually every television network and every TV station and station group in the country.

Stanley's work with the AFI is a classic example. We personally find AFI's 100 HEROS & VILLAINS (hosted by none other than Arnold Schwartzegger) a favorite of ours. We watch Oliver Stone, Kathy Bates, Gina Davis, Kirk Douglas, Sally Field, Harrison Ford, Jody Foster, Frank Langella, Malcolm McDowell, Susan Sarandon, Sigorney Weaver, Ridley Scott, Sylvester Stallone and others discuss their favorite heroes and villans in AFI's celebration of The Top 100 Heros and Villans.

We also cover his most recent work with AFI and their national broadcast of the "Top 100 Most Inspiring Films."


The MadAve Journal proudly covers Mr. Moger in our week-long coverage of his work, personal stories of working with him from MadAve's most powerful players and our exclusive 5-part interview with Stanley himself, on the record!

They say Stanley "walks on water". Check in next week and see why, in our special edition of "The Moger Avenue Journal."

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