April 13, 2010

Duct Tape, Window Washing and the Creator of Reality TV


Duct Tape Doesn't Lie

I'm still loving consumer generated media this week and spent way too much time watching a bunch of videos, created by amateurs and set to Shakira's song "Hips Don't Lie."

hips don't lie fun people.jpg

This one shows all types of people -- men and women, skinny hips and rounded curves, silly outfits and serious belly-baring -- shaking their hips and swinging their fannies, alone, with friends, in the middle of traffic.

It's light-hearted and fun, and if you watch it all the way through without wanting to get up and dance, you're in a seriously stodgy mood.

shakira spoof.jpg

Another vid presents a couple of kids pretending to be boys from the 'hood -- acting as though they're lip synching to the tune but not even particularly familiar with the words -- along with a Shakira impersonator.

This one is sadly funny in an "I'm 15 years old and fat guys dressed as girls make me laugh" kind of way, but what made me want to include it here was a minor touch I almost overlooked: "Shakira," sporting a blond wig and halter top, has a filmy piece of material wrapped around his waist as a skirt. And the material is secured to his body by... can that actually be duct tape? I wouldn't bet my life on it, but I think it is.

(By the way, you can catch the original here.)

Windows: Washing and Crashing

window washer 1.jpg

If you've only got 30 seconds and want a quick laugh, check out this video of a window washer having fun while he cleans the window of a boardroom and makes the people in the meeting laugh behind their boss's back.

On a whim, I decided to search for other videos with the keyword "window" on YouTube.com.

I found several videos of people jumping out of windows, at least one of a person climbing in a window and way too many of the views from people's windows.

window washer 2.jpg

Strangely enough, the first I came across that was enjoyable was another vid about a window washer, and this one, too, contains slightly off-color humor. Women, mainly, will enjoy this one (sorry, guys).

bill gates.jpg

To make it a nice, round number, I searched for a third and came across this one: a presentation of Windows 98 at a conference, during which the system crashes. This might be a good one to watch if you're a member of the "I hate Bill Gates" camp, except that he handles the crash with such affable aplomb that it's difficult not to admire him.

Mark Burnett Rocks HP

mark burnett.jpg

Hooray! I've been searching for video ads online that are worth watching and this one fits the bill (click "View ads," then click Burnett's under "Films"). It's for HP's Compaq Business Notebooks with Intel Centrino Duo Mobile technology and features reality TV producer Mark Burnett (well, half of him, anyway) talking about the great things his computer can do.

As he talks, he draws images with his hands and they appear in thin air. "Animated set designs let you fly around the set," he says, holding up a two-dimensional image of a design and stretching it out to show it in 3D.

Weeds grow up around him as he mutters, "What else, what else. Ah, yes. We shoot in jungles and I can be looking at episodes, I mean hours of footage, from the jungle. It's completely crazy."

He's got a great accent and the ad is terrific. It really left me wondering if it might not be time to buy a new computer. (It also left me wondering just what Burnett's face looks like.)

The rest of the films on this page, by the way, are similarly innovative. Shaun White's is particularly wonderful.

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