April 13, 2010

Juicy New "Game" Show: The Coliseum.


TO: Harvey
FROM: Quentin

RE: The Coliseum: Sink Your Teeth Into It

Think of it as The Gladiator (self-explanatory) meets the War of the Worlds (people are the food) meets Animal Planet (animal friendly) meets ABC's Lost. However, the main difference between "Lost" and "The Coliseum" is that our characters are "found"...

The Coliseum is wide open for advertising and product placement branded entertainment:


1. Title sponsorship - Perfect for Exxon. You know, "Put a Tiger in Your Tank?" Given the price of gas price these days it'll make consumers relate to the "I feel your pain" element.


2. WWF fans - We'll begin the opening sequence with a "Are you ready for the Big Game" shout just as we let the tigers out of the cage. Buckheimer guarantees that they'll be plenty hungry, having not been fed in over a week!


3. Pet Friendly - We refer to the animals as the "Big Game" (inside joke: some of the guys in the front office are referring to them as "the talent"). It gives a new positive spin and meaning to "Big Game Hunting" since they are the hunters, not the hunted. The hunted of course are the "Meals, Ready To Eat"


4. Law Schools/Blood-Sucking Lawyers - That's what makes Hollywood so great. We've had the opportunity to "tap into" the very best brains in Hollywood. It wasn't easy. There're so many to choose from. The legal team nick-named our recruitment strategy as "the Chum!" It goes like this. We have Hefner design the toga outfits for the female recruiters who stand outside the talk show studios and invite people to be special guests "in" a game show. The attorneys tell us that the release forms guests sign will be literally "iron-clad." They call it their "chain-letter." Once the guests find out what they've been selected, we'll have camera crews hidden to get their "candid camera-like" surprise expressions. We'll then sprinkle these shots into the show when the guests do their "walk on"... & we don't have to worry about an awkward "walk off." Imagine what will be going through their minds when they realize the whole country will be watching!


Timing is everything. We've figured out how to get some "behind the music-type" segments about each of the guests without much lead time. Here's how we're going to do it. We've recruited a bunch of former Google executives who have lots of time on their hands to do some "search engine optimization" quickly from the data we find in each guests' wallet. For example, if they have credit cards, our guys will be able to put a profile personal together that analyzes their whole life story, purchase habits.. you name it. This will really add an "up close and personal" aspect to the program that will be disarming, to say the least.


5. Pharma Products - Great product placement to be worked in. We reinforce the problem/solution element with a John Madden-type announcer who dissects the play-by-play interaction between the guests and the "talent" ... like how the "prey" wouldn't have had to pray if they had used one or more of the following products:
- Arthritis medication - We build in a "slice of life" story when we come across one of the gamers who has arthritis. Anbesol or Vicks Vapo-Rub.
- Anti-perspirant sponsor - Gamers who use "Right Guard" are more likely to prevent the talent from picking up their scent.
- Antacids - We focus in on one of the tigers who sits down and enjoys his or her prize in the middle of the arena... you know, connecting the brand with "don't over-eat" advice. A few brands come to mind: Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol, and Maalox.
- Diet Shakes - Similarly, once a "gamer/guest" is "scored" by the "talent," we'll get really really close up to the animal "munching" on his prize. I think "Slim-fast" works, don't you?
- Smith Brothers Cough Drops - Special "in-game" focus on one of the tigers who look like they could "eat a hoarse."
- Exercise equipment - Similar to the Madden angle. Nautilus would be perfect.


6. Viewers Choice - we're brainstorming on this one now. I feel a Kung Fu channeling element theme here which I will keep you "posted" on. That reminds me. The clever winner who has alluded the "Big Game" sets up big finish! We tie that person(s) to a wooden post in the middle of the arena for the "relievers." right before the last commercial break, we have a special guest spin a wheel to determine the # of Big Game to let into the arena. These will be especially hungery since they'll have not been fed in well over 10 days. We're plan to call this the "7th-eating-stretch."


7. Ragu - It's staged in Italy, right? The blood/ guts, whatever you call it, the residual materials from the guests will act as a visual pneumonic device for Ragu's "chunky style tomato sauce." If Cincinnati passes on it, we'll go after "Newman's Own" and tie it in with one of his bleeding heart charities. BTW: We're talking to Liberty Travel. They think the program concept will put a positive rub on their name as a comparison side-by-side ad campaign. Plus, they could do a promotion to invite people to send in names of people they would like Liberty to fly to Italy as "guests" of the show.


8. The Sphinx - Luxor Casino Las Vegas and Steve Wynne see a unique gaming aspect here. So does HBO's "Rome" series, who wants sponsor the half time show. That said, given the structure of the Coliseum, we've heard that the NFL has its nose out of shape. They're worrying that our SuperBowl will make their SuperBowl look "tame."


9. Integrated Programming - The networks are literally ripping each other's throat out bidding for it, though we think it will go to "Fox" for the obvious reasons. Murdoch sees it as an ideal way to tie-in "MySpace" as the official online entertainment partner. He thinks his 70 million audience will salivate with ideas, considering all our "user-generated" content.


10. Here's the only problem - We're thinking we may run into a road-block when we package the re-runs for syndication. The issue is if even if we tweak each show to be more appropriate for a kids audience and then get Kellogg's' Tony the Tiger" as a sponsor, we still may have a problem getting it cleared on Saturday morning TV given all the similar programming already there. That said, Mickey D's may save the day. They see it as a natural for their "Happy Meal."


Next Steps - That's just for starters. We haven't even talked yet about the crowd element witnessing the show at the Coliseum itself. One crazy idea is that we put a sticker under each person's pillow. At the end of the program, we have everyone look under to see which one has it. The lucky winner is then held up by the crowd with a big group cheer. The guest is then the "main attraction" of the show in the next week's episode. Of course, we'll get close ups. We're thinking of calling this "sticker shock." That's right, Hummer is interested too.

Make your mouth water? Meat too!

Let's have lunch.



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