April 13, 2010

Protecting Bloggers' Free $peech


Congress is about to pass a bill which will allow corporations to support political candidates of their choice with unlimited campaign contributions as long as the funds are spent on the Internet.

According to The New York Times editorial page, "The House Hill pretends to be trying to protect the free speech rights of bloggers on the Internet".


Well burst our bubble gum, could this be the first-ever "business" category that the media spend on Interactive could dwarf Television in the next election? Certainly we aspire to elect leaders to represent the new-Madison Avenue on Capitol Hill, though the foresight into this measure is simply astounding! To quote Churchill, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few".

Ladies and Gentleman, we give you democracy (and our tax dollars) at work. From the looks of things, the corporate and union dollars invested in new media may soon follow!

Of course, our excitement has nothing to do with the "Free-flowing big-money trough" donors who could "Buy... grateful candidates with six- and seven-figure contributions". We focus exclusively on the sweat hog effort to protect bloggers' free speech rights. Taking no sides on the issue, if this bill is signed into law, it applies to all political parties.


Some feel that exempting new media from spending restrictions legislated previously on "McCain-Feingold" encourages "The unfettered sale of political influence". Well Jiminy cricket, there's a news breaking headliner if we ever printed one.

Of course, this is illuminated tongue-in-cheek since "In every election since the beginning of elections has one interest group(s) benefited by so much by the power of so few". In this case, the "beneficiaries" would be new media publishers and the Congress and the administration would be the benefactors". The so many would of course be bloggers, surfers and any one within a campaign's distance from a computer screen. We eagerly look to how this measures up before Labor Day.


One thing for sure, just as there is no free lunch, Bloggers will soon prove that there's no "free" speech, especially for candidates who are willing to pay for it!


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