April 13, 2010

E2E: Wolfgang's Wonderment of Wireless

B2B, C2C, P2P and now E2E: Ear-2-Ear.


"Music to my ears", that's what I was always moved by. For fans of my music to hear it ringing between their ears and inside their minds, like it was burned into their M(emory) P3.


This year's CTIA 2006 Wireless Conference expects to have the same impact. They claim it is the most important technology event of the year. Anything I ever did has had the same distinction. In its honor, if I were here today, I would write a special concerto in A-Major.

Was It Live Or Was It (mental) Memorex? - What do you think?

Back then, we didn't know about A.D.D. or devices that would reduce the need to strengthen your memory like speed dial. Some people such as the emperor may have been tone-deaf though his advisors and court of wealthier subjects all prided themselves at recalling every note. So strong were their memories that from time to time they would even tell me when I used too many notes or not. We didn't have headphones in the 18th century. Just sheet music, a small or large orchestra and a reliance on one's recall, sometimes aided, sometimes not.


CTIA: High-Tech Meets High Fashion

We played mostly fashionable salons and concert halls. I was pleased that they liked it, though my real aim was to reach the common folk. They were the ones who gave me the inspiration for my music. And so it was there that I breathed in the air of the ebb and flow of the daily living in the streets of Vienna.

It's delightful to see that wireless has touched every aspect of your society. Back then, both royal subjects and commoners were truly "wireless", though that did not prevent them from hearing M-itunes inside their heads and ultimately to my amazement and delight, inside their hearts.


Educational Content: Provocative & In-Depth

There was a recent study released in your era how the power of music makes life a little easier worth living, which makes distractions from the on-going changes in society are sometimes overwhelming. That was true as much back then as it is today. According to the Annenberg Media Learner.org --- "Music can inspire religious devotion, prepare individuals for war, motivate work, enrich play, and stimulate the passions. The musical healing…modern rock, gospel, and folk musics all reveal music's power to transform lives".

For me, the issue of wireless reassures me that kids today, who are taught based on the scoring of multiple choice examples will find wireless as a real teaching tool vs. what is in the classroom.


Music and Technology

Each new generation has found the benefits of technology in the enjoyment of music, going back as far back as my era. The first bone flute and the violin's stretched catgut for example. You refer to programming code today the same way I developed my sheet music, which allowed the roles of composer, musician, arranger, and conductor to fuse.

At the heart and soul of wireless is listening, verbal and visual communication; what TV producers used to commonly refer to as sight sound and motion. The motion you refer to today has more to do with foot and auto traffic than simple 28 frames a second on film.


1000 Exhibitors: Wireless, Computer Software, Applications, Technology

CTIA is the real thing. It's the voice of the wireless industry, in a constant dialogue with policy makers in the Executive Branch, in the Federal Communications Commission, in Congress, and on the state, regulatory, and legislative levels. Some of the companies who will be represented are:

1. Advantage Cellular
3. AT&T Wireless
4. Caprock Cellular
5. CarolinaWest Wireless
6. Cellular One of East Central Illinois
7. Cellular South
8. Cincinnati Bell Wireless
9. Cingular Wireless
10. Concho Cellular Telephone d/b/a CellularOne
11. Dobson Communications
12. East Kentucky Network d/b/a Appalachian Wireless
13. Easterbrooke Cellular Corp.
14. Edge Wireless
15. Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.
16. First Cellular of Southern Illinois
17. Highland Cellular
18. Illinois Valley Cellular
19. Midwest Wireless
20. MobileTel, LLC
22. New-Cell
24. Pioneer Enid Cellular
25. Rural Cellular
26. Southern LINC
27. Sprint
28. T-Mobile USA
29. Triton PCS
30. US Cellular
31. Verizon Wireless
32. Virgin Mobile USA
33. Virginia Cellular, LLC
34. Western Wireless


This just one of the many wireless events scheduled this year. The others are Wireless Telecommunications Symposium 2006 in late April, the Wireless Enterprise Summit 2006 in May and the Global Mobile 2006
in June.

Digital Children

I was born with a remarkable musical gift. I learned to play the keyboard (with total confidence I might add) when I was four. I composed my first musical pieces and quickly mastered the violin, both at age five.

The average American kid watches hours TV play video games, surf the Web or use some other form of media. Adults are children as compared to children's ability to multitask and engage in more than one media-related activity at the same time.

CTIA: A Motto - "Listen, Learn, and Lead" with a mission: to expand the wireless frontier

We can debate the benefits and tradeoffs of this, just as people in my day discussed the highs and lows of my by-polar masterpieces, The Requiem Mass and the The Magic Flute.

People say it was the simplicity of my arrangements that made them so enjoyable. My trick was to find a little melody and look inside, finding the heart between my ears that enabled me to lose myself in the music. I learned that it's the small things in life that gave me the most pleasure. I leave you with that as I have another favorite event to attend to today. You may have heard of it, "The Marriage of Figaro"?


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