April 13, 2010

Two Brand Acronyms Being "Clubbed" To Death


NATPE (should) give birth to NAVPE. CBGB's (should not) give birth to CONDO

The end of an era. The beginning of an error.

This year's NATPE will be unlike any others. It will focus on generating newer content for the future. Instead of TV, its focus will be broader, as it redefines itself to be an organization that supports producers of video content.


The NATPE institution of old is being torn down. With its new defining goals, we suggest it also upgrade its name to NAVPE, which stands for National Association of Video Producer Executives. Its only a slight change of the word Television with the word Video yet means the world to integrated communications. By doing so, it would give permission to those marketers still nervous about moving beyond television as their primary media vehicle. This historically clubby traditional media group will soon be comprised of a new generation of members; young punk-types who have their own ideas about the future.

www.NAVPE.org - In the spirit of supporting this extremely powerful and important organization, The MadAveJournal is offering to donate this new URL we have domained--free of charge--as a gesture to help it take more of a leadership position on Madison Avenue and as a new enhanced brand for the next era of communications.


The approach NATPE/NAVPE (you decide) is one we heartily endorse. It's already seen in its website. For example, on the front page, part of the rotating tiles which have "thank you's" to its sponsors also includes a tile of a go-tee'd guy illustration. Talk about bleeding edge. Yes-sir-re-bob!



This year's CBGB's also will be unlike any others. However, contrary to NAVPE, it will focus on generating older content from its past. Bands who made the club famous will end the year with an all-out tribute to this once bleeding edge (sometimes literally) haven. At the moment, the CBGB institution is planned to be torn down, replacing the once anti-traditionalist clubby (sometimes literally) group with new members. The location will continue to have a club on its premises though it will be filled with older/former punks who have replaced their guitars with stairmasters, free weights and treadmills. The CBGB's land will become a new luxury condo


The MadAve Journal believes it is all due to the approach CBGB's is taking. It's all wrong. If one studies the Emma Lazarus poem in tribute to Lady Liberty--one of the most distincly american landmarks in history--and coincidentally not all that far from the legendary watering spot, one might see a similarity to the club's historical value.

Take ms. Lazarus' moving poem, bolted to the statue's base. With a few simple changes in verbiage,the connection between the two is uncanny. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe stenchy air, the wretched refuse of your loyal bar dwellers. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, in our new historical landmark status. I lift my velvet rope beside the new museum doors!"


Maybe if Brooke Astor, the legendary Queen of New York Society was still here, she will be leading the effort and getting people like The Gates Family, The Rockefellers, George Soros, Ted Turner and others to make it a national landmark, just like the New York Public Library.

www.CBGBS.org - The MadAveJournal is offering to donate this new URL we have domained free of charge to the organization as a gesture hopefully inspire it to take action in this new era of financial creativity.


Given its historical significance on the lowest uncommon denominator in society--just like TV (now don't you see the connection?)--if it changes its status from a commercial organization to a non-profit, it could then petition to become a landmark, thus prohibiting it to be torn down for some overweight yuppies. Controversial for sure, yet therefore how different is it then to other landmarks, for example like Richard Nixon's birthplace .


CBGB's was the birthplace of the punk era, the same people now taking over NAVPE. We urge the same NAVPE new-comers to consider this before its too late. So much of the quality of content NAVPE will be exhibiting is almost identical to CBGB's heritage.

Its fairly simple. Just change the current CBGB's site name from a .com to a .org. NAVPE is a .org. Certainly the idea of shifting from a .com to a .org means it becomes a non-profit organization, though with "endowments" being made to all sorts of organizations which have financial responsibilities, we have little doubt that by hiring some ex-Enron accountant, or U.N. or Halliburton, or Tyco, or Fannie Mae, or Martha Stewart, or WorldCom, or HealthSouth Corp, or Adelphia, or and individual from so many other companies known for their creative financial wizardry, they could surely fix that minor situation.

Joey Ramone where are you now when we need you most?


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