April 13, 2010

Mayberry RFP: Reasonable Fiscal Percentages


"You know what they say about a "person" who keeps puttin' off getting married (allocating $$ new media)?

They say "he/she" starts getting irritable (fired)." - Barney Fife

Who doesn't love Barney, the wacky deputy sheriff played by Don Knotts; always attempting to keep crime off the peaceful streets of Mayberry? However well meaning, more often than not Barney finds himself causing trouble in situations of his own doing than Goober, Gomer, Otis Campbell, barber Floyd Lawson, or Mayor Roy Stoner combined!

Barney's youthful exuberance was always laughable and respected by Andy, his older, more authoritative and responsible boss. The same cannot be said however of traditional media directors - Andy Griffith-types who held all the power of annually allocating $100 Million+ budgets - rationing out tiny amounts of working media $$ to new media, largely due to self-interest; thus inhibiting the growth of a sensible combination of passive and digital communication.


Had they looked to Mr. Griffith, an incredibly gifted and natural actor on and off the camera, they might today be enjoying "our main street's" respect, instead of being labeled as dinosaurs by some of Madison Avenue's most powerful players, in the press no less!

Griffith's unfettered support of his fellow actors led to at least 6 off-shoots from his simple little program, as well as a platform by which little Opie, our esteemed Ron Howard continues to entertain us, from his roll in American Graffiti, the TV program Happy Days, and now behind the camera creating some of the most important films effecting popular culture today.


Even Gomer Pyle, the most laughable character in Mayberry excelled far more than yesterday's "Madison Avenue's Media All-Stars." For as much as he was constantly scolded for screwing up, his character and integrity were never challenged. The same cannot be said for many traditional has-beens who planned media - more based on their bonus and self-interest - rather than the larger objective they were there for; to be of service to their clients.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!


People on Silicon Ally are pleased that the interest in Interactive media is finally here; so much so that the daily publication of this funny little e-zine had to be suspended for a few days due to other equally pressing tasks that needed attention due to our clients!

Yet there is still so such valuable inventory still ignored. Certainly search, performance and target marketing are top of mind, though broadband - one of the easiest transitionary media from TV to Interactive TV - still lacks in support.

Companies like Broadband Enterprises represent sister divisions of some of the most reputable traditional entities in all media. One would have thought that in this past upfront, network buyers would have naturally understood the expansion into broadband within their boob tube million $$ commitments.


Oh well, progress may be only achieved by network buyers being brought along kicking or screaming in line with a new media paradigm, or worse for them, venting and regreting their being confronted with dealing with unemployment lines.

The Broadband kids upfront is now taking place for Q4'05 through Q3'06. The timing of this is truly astounding since the kids market traditionally moves in traditional network and kids syndication in August. News Flash: Kids are said to be high users of interactive media.

One might have thought that nany companies un-named here (to avoid embarrassment) would have incorporated broadband into their kids proposals, though for some reason they weren't. Believe it or not, there are even some outstanding interactive toys and games on Toy R Us shelves' this year that not only are NOT online, but do NOT even have a website. The only place an parent can learn about them are on eBay.


Marketing is darwinian. One might have assumed that our esteemed trade magazines have missed the news of Interactive media's cannabalization of traditional media. However, that is clearly NOT the case. We applaud the outstanding job properties on both sides of the business that have been addressing the issues. Unfortunately, their readership may only be reaching youngers pros; thus preaching to the converted.

New tools such as Unicast's video banner or Avivocom's CSR in a banner are two outstanding new entries that cross the line to real use of video that can be taken right off the TV.


In the next series of articles, we will be disecting the strengths and weaknesses of each for our readership. We are in the early stages of the party that awaits us as 2006 planning, sure to include double digit increases in interactive media budget shares.

Those traditional media planners and buyers who embrace "the revolution" will not only save their jobs but review RFP's (Real Financial Progress) in a whole different light. Rather than following in Barney's foot steps - in his normally comical two-left-feet role - they may bring life to their own careers as well as additional sales for their clients. What a concept!!

By doing so, their actions may make the media business fun again; a real pleasure to be in, almost as comparable to Andy and Mayberry; a time that will always exist in our imagination and in American culture.


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