April 13, 2010

Do You Know Leslie Laredo? If Not, You Should...


If you have a yearning to improve the quality of your @work time in order to have the same effect on your at-leisure time, we venture to say that Leslie Laredo and her talented team can help you with the former so you can better enjoy the latter.

We've been trained by The Laredo Group and look where it's gotten us? Well, perhaps there are better examples! There are...

The Laredo 500 includes many Fortune 500 companies as well as many smaller high-growth companies about to nudge a few of the Fortune list aside. You can be part of that.

Or, say you've just created your next-gen empire or want to advance your pace of growth, personally, economically and rolodex-ically (yes it is a word...a relatively new one, we'll give you that), you should be there.

Why? There's something really special about her events. They're personal. It attracts an equally unique group of attendees. You'll meet interesting people and even have a little fun. If you've been to a Laredo Group event, or if you've heard Leslie speak, you're like us. You recommend them to your friends, to people you care about.

Leslie's events offers realistic & productive website marketing consulting, based on her real-world experience. We think you'll also find that she offers the best Internet and integrated media sales training as well as on the buying side as well.

Interactive is fun again. This time, it actually works. People aren't talking about an "exit strategy" anymore, be it a personal choice or an impersonal one.

If you're wondering how to break in, or improve your knowledge, or want to do something you can't exactly put into words, that will change the nature of your future - one likely to give you more career wiggle room, in order to enjoy more personal breathing room - you should register now to get into the next Laredo room!

Please review the links below to learn more about The Laredo Group and the next series of tours. Registrations are being accepted now for the Dallas, NYC, DC, LA, Cincinnati, Toronto, Miami, Atlanta events:

Search Engine Marketing

Media Sales & Buying Training

By just visiting The Laredo Group site alone you'll learn something about the future that you didn't know before. For more information about Leslie and a wider array of Laredo Group training courses, both individual and company-specific, click on The Laredo Group, or drop us a line at editor@madisonavenuejournal.com.

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