April 13, 2010

Early Holiday Gift Ideas: Kurt Brokaw's 92Y Classes: "Killer Movies IV" & more "Lost Film Noirs"

20th Century Rebels II: Raymond Chandler and Ray Bradbury

Chandler's incorruptible private eyes and femme fatales redefined detective fiction and shaped film noir. Bradbury, at 87 the greatest living science fiction writer, carries new generations to the stars. Both transcend genres and have created enduring literature. Read and discuss their best novels and stories. View select film scenes.

Review Chandler and Bradbury's lives, starting with their penny-a-word pulp stories in Dime Detective and Super Science. Compare film scenes from Murder My Sweet with The Illustrated Man and It Came From Outer Space.

Forming The Metaphors
Bradbury's time-travel, Martian adventures plus a story co-written with Leigh Brackett invent new literary forms. The story The Veldt (and its rare playscript) chillingly predict a child's virtual-reality nursery of the future.

Burning Issues: Fahrenheit 451
Bradbury's 1953 novel challenges McCarthyism, as a fireman assigned to burn books instead begins to read--and to think. View scenes from Francois Truffaut's 1966 visionary film with Julie Christie.

A New Hardboiled Language
Out of.Lady In The Lake plus two other pulp tales that became The Big Sleep, Chandler invents Philip Marlowe and the environments, behaviors, dialogue and even wardrobes unique to tough-guy writing.

Myths And Mists of Childhood
Often compared with To Kill A Mockingbird and Winesberg Ohio in their evocations of bygone eras, Bradbury's Dandelion Wine is a poetic, wondrous coming-of-age biographical novel set in 1928 Illinois.

Pulp To Noir To Literature
Farewell My Lovely and The Long Goodbye are neon-lit portraits of L.A. in the 1930s/40s. Deleted and expanded scenes from the 1944/45 versions of The Big Sleep show Lauren Bacall becoming a star.

Laughter Replaces Terror
Bradbury's continuing carnival images are fully realized in his favorite novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes, an allegorical fantasy. Onscreen, Jason Robards partners Jonathan Pryce as Mr. Dark.

Sample Bradbury's many mystery/ crime stories and his screenplay for John Huston's Moby Dick, plus Chandler's fantasy tale and screenplays for Double Indemnity and Strangers On A Train. Preview the leading creators of graphic novels today.


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